Different Types of Saws and how to use them

Different Types of Saws and how to use them

Saws are indispensable in cutting woods in any size you want in DIY. Therefore, it is essential to master how to use saws to make various products!

-Different types of saws-

There are saws for woods, metals, bamboos, plastics and so on. According to different usages, we should use different saws, and thus TPI (teeth per inch, or pitch), shape of grips are also different.

Among saws for woodworking, there are two types of saws: Ryoba saw (double-edged saw, which has blade on both sides) and Kataba saw (single-edged saw, which has blade on one side). Recently, Kataba saw with replacement blade becomes dominant. As long as it fits the hilt, it can be replaced with various types of blades.

(Ryoba Saw vs Kabata Saw)

-How to use saws-

Firstly, use ruler to draw lines on wood, and then fix the wood. If you use clamp, it might be easier to fix than just using hands.

When you begin to carve, leave some groove so that the saw doesn't slide. Then carve along the line. Begin by put nail of thumb on the line. Push two or three times to make a groove. When the groove is large enough so that it is fixed, move saw forth and back without force. When you are get used to it, since it carves while pulling, apply some force while pulling. 

Carve wood using the saw as a whole from the end of blade to hilt. Make the saw straight when looking from top. When carving thick boards or hard boards, carve them with small angle. When carving thin boards or soft boards, lay them on the table and then carve them. Keep them about 30 degrees of angle. 

When finish cutting, move saw slowly. You can avoid chipping off wood if you hold the wood when cutting off.


-Rip-saw and cross-cut saw-

To cut along the grain is called rip cut. Rip-cut tooth also consists of two teeth. The teeth edge is flat, and it carves out the materials as you make strokes. Since rip cut teerh carve out the matrial it's cutting, more saw dust is produced. 

To cut across the grain is called cross cut. Cross-cut teeth consist of two teeth in which one points slightly to the right and the other to the left. ross-cut teeth cut wood fiber at a certain width.It works the same when cutting diagonally to the grain. 

(Upper side is Rip Cut Saw, and Lower side is Cross Cut Saw) 

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