Do you want to see what other people make in DIY ?

Do you want to see what other people make in DIY ?

Do you want to see what other people make in DIY ?

Today, we will introduce some DIY products by DIYers!

① Low Table
This low table is made of SPF lumber, and painted by BRIWAX. By putting timber at each of four corners, the table increases in ruggedness.

② Living table
This table is made by timbers that are left from pevious DIY works. 
Use can your imagination by how to arrange colors and edges of each timbers.

③ Counter tables
This kind of long counter tables can be used as dining tables by setting them up face to face. 
So you can use them accorrding to your needs.

④ Counter rack
Counter racks are very popular among DIYers because it is very convenient to put various things on them. 
It is painted in white, and can reflect kitchen's cleanliness and tidiness. 
You can put seasonings on it.

⑤ Rack for document storage
Such rack can hold documents vertically without bending papers.
It can also set an antique style for the whole room.

⑥ Magazine rack
Such magazine rack in kitchen makes the whole kitchen like a cafeteria!
The upper row can be used as a display rack.

⑦ Bag rack
Such rack is convenient for not only putting the bag, but also organizing some other stuff.
You can make one for your children!

⑧ TV board
This TV board uses two colors, and the dark color of the vertical line is accented. It also matches the atmosphere of the flooring and the wall, and reflects the cafe style.

⑨ Kitchen counter
This kitchen counter is made without useing any screws, and instead, is made by a method called wooden joints. 
You can also put seasonings on the rack, so it becomes a versatile furniture.

Did all these inspire your imagination?
Take our Suizan Saw out, make one of the most amazing DIY products!!

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