Tips for a good start in cutting wood

Tips for a good start in cutting wood

When you start cutting wood, do you sometimes find the saw blade is shaky and doesn't cut well? Here are some tips to solve this problem.

First of all

For beginners, we recommend a fine saw. It is easier to cut with less snagging at the beginning of the cut.

Before cutting, please secure the wood firmly with a clamp or similar tool. If not, the saw will not be stable and will not cut well.

Where to start cutting wood

When sawing wood, start by placing the saw blade against a corner.

It is a mistake to try to cut straight and begin cutting parallel to the wood from directly above the wood.

How to start cutting

A common problem for beginners is to have difficulty aligning the blade with the starting position of the cut. The solution is to place your finger on the position where you want to start cutting.

  1. Place the thumbnail of the opposite hand from the hand holding the saw at the starting position.
  2. Place the bottom of the saw blade alongside the fingernail.
  3. Check that the marking line and the saw blade are aligned.
  4. Pull to make a small cut, then lift the saw blade away from the wood. Repeat the pull several times to make the cut groove.

Once you start cutting, you can follow the groove you have already cut, but there is no groove only at the beginning, so the saw blade tends to shake from side to side.

To avoid this situation, start cutting slowly at first. Using your finger as a guide, slowly and repeatedly pull to make a clean first groove.

If it is easier to push the saw, you can lightly push to make a groove.

Once you make the groove

Once you have successfully made the first groove, the next step is to lay the saw blade down slightly.

Laying it down allows you to make a longer groove on the surface where you start to cut.

Using the entire blade of the saw, gently move the blade back and forth along the marking line. You can use this groove as a guide to ensure a stable cut.

Since cutting proceeds when pulling the saw toward you, when moving the blade, apply light force when pulling. When pushing back, do not exert force. In either case, please be careful not to apply too much force, as this will cause the blade to bend.

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