How to keep the saw sharp

How to keep the saw sharp

As you use Japanese pull saws, have you ever found that they become less sharp without realizing it?

The causes include rust and dulling of the blade, which can be prevented to some extent by maintenance. This time, we will introduce how to maintain your saw.

Why does the saw lose its sharpness?

There are two main reasons why saw blades stop cutting:
- the blade dulls from overuse.
- the blade rusts.

A dulled blade is resharpened called "Metate," but it is hard to do by yourself because it requires a specialized and high level of skill. In comparison, the method to prevent blades from rusting is quick and easy.

1. Remove wood chips stuck in the blade teeth

After cutting wood, wood chips stuck in the blade teeth can cause rust if left unattended. After use, brush off wood chips and other debris from the blade. To avoid damaging the blade, we recommend using a soft brush such as nylon.

2. If tar is on the blade, take it off

When cutting unmilled lumber or using a saw for garden maintenance, you will often get tar (hardened sap) on the saw. If left on, it can cause rust. So it should be removed. Although wiping with water will remove some of the tar, a special tar cleaner is the best way to remove it.

3. Apply rust inhibitor or lubricant to the entire blade to prevent rust

Before storing the saw, apply rust inhibitor or lubricant to the entire saw and lightly wipe it off with paper or cloth. If you do not have a rust inhibitor, you can use camellia oil or edible salad oil.

SUIZAN saw blades are replaceable

No matter how hard you try, there may come a time when a tool gets ruined. When that happens, it is time to replace the blade. All SUIZAN saws are replaceable except for the flush-cut saw 5” (120mm). We recommend replacing the blade every six months to a year, depending on how often you use it.

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