How to make SUIZAN Japanese saw

How to make SUIZAN Japanese saw

The following is an introduction to the process of making a SUIZAN saw. A sharp saw is made through a series of processes and checks by the human eye.


Japanese steel is pressed with a mold and punched into the shape of a saw blade.


Remove the burrs created by the pressing process using a grinder. It requires considerable skill.

Distortion Removal

Stretch the center of the blade with a roller. Eliminate distortion of the saw blade created during pressing.

“Metate” (making teeth)

Saw blades have "Nageshi" and "Uwame" cuts.

First, the teeth are shaved into a jagged shape with a round blade to make the "Nageshi". Instead of shaving in a V-shape from the beginning, shave in the same direction, then turn the blade over and shave in the same direction again.

Next, sharpen the tooth tips with a round blade to make the "Uwame".

Deburring Cleaning

Use high water pressure to remove burrs created during "Metate". Lubricating oil from the shaving process is also washed away together.

"Metate" Inspection

Use a projector to enlarge the teeth and check with the human eye to see if the size and height of the teeth are in alignment.

"Asari-dashi" (Setting the blade)

Have all teeth protrude slightly, alternating left and right. Tap a tooth lightly, skipping one tooth, then turn the blade over and tap the remaining tooth again.

This reduces friction when cutting wood and makes the pulling motion smoother.

Impact Hardening

The cutting edge is made harder and longer lasting by applying instantaneous heat to the cutting edge through electrical discharge.

Printing the SUIZAN Logo

Print the SUIZAN logo with ink. The blade is passed through a heater tunnel to burnish the ink. The blade is then exposed to ultraviolet light to prevent the ink from peeling off.

Cutting “Kentou-ba”

Cut off the top and bottom of the teeth at an angle to allow the saw to move smoothly.

Bend Inspection

Check for any bent, scratched, or other defects on the blade.

Oil Wiping
Apply oil to prevent rusting.

Assembling them into a product

Assemble the blade and handle to make a pull saw. Check again that there are no bends.