Learn about the types of Japanese saws

Learn about the types of Japanese saws

There are various Japanese saws and pulling methods. Choosing the right one for the scene and material will improve the processing results. The following is an introduction to the Japanese saws indispensable for skillful wood processing.

Here, we introduce three types of Japanese saws sold by SUIZAN: Ryoba saws (double-edged saws), Dozuki saws (dovetail saws), and flush cut saws.

Ryoba (double-edged) saws

This type of saw has two different blades, one for cross cut and the other for rip cut. You can use either blade according to the wood type you want to cut, so you can broaden the range of your woodwork just by having one saw.

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Dozuki (dovetail) saws

The particularity of this saw is a thin blade and finely serrated teeth. The thin blade is unstable, so the back of the saw is reinforced with a spine. This saw is ideal for delicate cutting and for cutting thin wood that tends to split easily.

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Flush cut saws

This saw is used to cut off dowels and other hammered wood pieces from the base. The blade is thinly finished so that used by warping it to lay flat against the board surface. You can cut without leaving any scratches on the board because it has a zero set.

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