How to replace the blade for Dozuki 6 inch (150mm)

How to replace the blade for Dozuki 6 inch (150mm)

Replacing a blade is easy! If the blade is chipped or dull, please replace it.

The only things to keep in mind are to use dedicated replacement blades for each saw and to avoid injury.

In this article, we will show you how to change the blade for Dozuki 6" (150mm).


  1. Remove the screw holding the blade with a screwdriver.

  2. Tap the blade heel with a hammer and remove the blade from the steel spine. It is no problem to remove both the blade and the spine from the handle.

  3. Attach a new blade. If it does not fit properly, lightly tap the blade toe with a hammer.

  4. Fix the blade to the handle with the screw.


・Each saw has a dedicated replacement blade. For the handle of Dozuki 6", only blades for Dozuki 6" can be used.
・Please be careful not to hurt yourself.

SUIZAN Replacement Blade for Japanese Saw 6 Inch Dozuki (Dovetail) Saw

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