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SUIZAN Replacement Blade for Japanese Saw 6 Inch Dozuki (Dovetail) Saw

SUIZAN Replacement Blade for Japanese Saw 6 Inch Dozuki (Dovetail) Saw

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  • Replacement blade for SUIZAN Japanese Dozuki dovetail saw 6 Inch
  • For Cross Cut, Blade Length: 6"(150mm), Blade Thickness: 0.012"(0.3mm), TPI: 25(1.0mm), Kerf Width: 0.02"(0.5mm)
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The Blades are made of Japanese Steel



Customer Reviews

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Amazon review
hand saw

Just used the product easy to use.sharpeand will be buying a larger model

Amazon review
Plastic handle is junk

Blade seems straight and true but the Handel is molded plastic to look like is basket weave. If it cuts true and maintains its edge Ifll do something different with the cheap Handle.

Amazon review
Teeth broke after using it 7 times

Updating my review. You buy these knowing youfre going to be replacing the blades. I used this exactly 7 times on very soft wood and Ifm already missing teeth on it. Looks like I have to go with a higher quality blade in the future.

Amazon review
A whole different experience...

In the west, we cut by pushing the saw away from us, almost as though we dislike it. In Japan, however, the cutting of wood is done by pulling the saw towards us, as though welcoming it into our woodworking. The motion is softer, allowing for a more controlled effort, even more intricasy, thus giving your woodworking a more artistic feeling. Also, the thinness of the blade allows a finer, more accurate cut, yet the top edge has a metal spine to hold the blade straight. Definitely a welcome change from the jarring sensation of a traditional handsaw.

Amazon review
Poor shipping

I cant speak for the quality of the cut for this saw because the saw was delivered damaged with bent and broken off teeth.

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