First-class Furniture Maker Master Craftsman Assigned Work

First-class Furniture Maker Master Craftsman Assigned Work

This page introduces the assignment for the first-class furniture making master craftsman examination, a national qualification exam in Japan. Candidates with at least five years of practical woodworking experience are eligible to take this exam.

The standard working time is 5 hours.
This exam tests the degree of mastery of the following skills.

  • Completion of joints in a given time (within 5 hours and 30 minutes)
  • Working posture and method
  • Processing accuracy

*This is a point reduction test, but the scoring criteria are not published.
 The video may contain elements that will result in points being deducted.

The woods used in the video are American black walnut and Japanese cherry.

Please take a look at the precise joints making of professional furniture craftsperson.

Full blind dovetail

Twin mortise and tenon joint with sword tip miter

Stopped sliding dovetail joint with angled cut shoulder

Doweled miter joint


This is a summary of the 4 Japanese joineries. Finally, 4 joints are assembled to form a single frame.

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