Ryoba double edge saw 6 inch flexible and replaceable blade

New Arrival - Ryoba Double Edge Saw 6 inch

We just launched a new product!

Blade Length: 6 inch (150mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.016 inch (0.4mm)
TPI: Hardwood 17 (1.5mm), Softwood 20 (1.25mm)
Kerf Width: 0.02inch (0.55mm)
Overall Length: 12.4 inch (31.6cm)

This is a Ryoba saw 6" with a razor-sharp edge. The blade can be easily replaced. It is handy for cutting small stuff.
The teeth are designed for rip cutting and cross cutting, hardwood and softwood. The flexible blade can also be used as a flush cut saw. However, please be careful not to damage the surface of the wood because of the teeth setting (Asari).

>> Check the product page <<
>> Check the product page <<