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SUIZAN Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 2 Inch (50mm) Hand Planer for Woodworking

SUIZAN Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 2 Inch (50mm) Hand Planer for Woodworking

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  • HIGH-QUALITY JAPANESE PLANE: Experience flat and smooth wood like never before. After using this plane, there won’t be any need for sandpapering the wood!
  • FEEL THE JAPANESE CULTURE: In order to use this plane, you will have to use it by pulling it towards you - a technique that originated in Japan. Experience the culture and try something a little different.
  • MADE IN JAPAN: The product’s planning all the way to assembling is done in a town known for its craft-making tradition.
  • Blade Width: 2inch (50mm) / Body Size: 9.4inch x 2.6inch x 2.4inch / Weight: 1.5lb

What is “SUIZAN“?
SUIZAN, a Japanese brand, creates the highest quality Japanese hand tools.
With a history of over 100 years, all of the processes are completed in one of Japan’s towns known for their craftsmanship.
That’s why our products are highly appreciated by many woodworkers.

One of the Japanese Tools
There are a couple of differences between Western tools and Japanese tools.
In many cases, Japanese tools are lighter and simpler than Western ones because Japanese tools are minimally designed and there is no unnecessary waste.
Nowadays, Japanese tools have become a popular tool in wood-crafting around the world due to their high quality.

This is a Japanese Kanna
SUIZAN’s Kanna is a small Kanna that has two blades.
It is simply composed of the Kanna-dai (wooden body) and the Kanna-mi (blade).
This Kanna is light to use and results in beautiful surfaces.

1. Hold Kanna with both hands and pull it towards you.
2. As your bodyweight moves, pull the Kanna towards you at the same time. There is no need to apply excess power.

To remove the blade, lightly tap the top corner of the body with a hammer.
If either side of the blade comes out too much, tap lightly on the same side as the protruding blade.
When placing the blade, tap the top of the blade lightly with a hammer; the blade should protrude about 0.002 to 0.008 inches (0.05 to 0.2 mm).

Although the Japanese plane is not a hard tool to use, please be aware that if

  • you are pulling in the opposite direction as the grain direction
  • the blade is protruding too much

There is a possibility that the plane will not work well.


The Blades are made of Japanese Steel



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