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SUIZAN Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 1.7 Inch (42mm) Hand Planer for Woodworking

SUIZAN Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 1.7 Inch (42mm) Hand Planer for Woodworking

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  • HIGH QUALITY JAPANESE PLANE: Experience flat and smooth wood like never before. After using this plane, there won’t be need for sanding the wood!
  • FEEL THE JAPANESE CULTURE: To use this plane, you will be pulling it towards you - a technique that originated in Japan. Experience the culture and try something a little different.
  • MADE IN JAPAN: The product’s design, all the way to assembly, is made in a town known for its craft-making tradition.
  • Blade Width: 1.7inch (42mm) / Body Size: 6inch x 2inch x 1.6inch / Weight: 0.40lb


The Blades are made of Japanese Steel



Customer Reviews

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Amazon review
Love it!

Able to start using it right out of the box. No tuning of the blade or anything. Love this little plane.

Amazon review
Simple yet effective, needs tuning before use, great value

Very simple and feels great in the hand. Definitely requires tuning before use. The blade arrives suprissingly sharp1. Flatten the bottom on 100-220 grit sandpaper on a flat surface2. Flatten the back of the blade on wet stones3. chalk or pencil the back of the blade and insert into plane, take out and check to see if remaining marks indicate flatness, if not flatten the reference area.These are just some basics to get you started and there are lots of good videos online about getting one of these in top shape. Don't expect much out of this unless you tune it up.

Alan VanMarter
Excellent training tool for beginner woodworkers!

I normally don't review products, but I have to say this planer is a great way to teach children the fine art of wood working.

I purchased this for my 7yo and she loves the simplicity of the tool. Giving her the focus to apply pressure and pulling gently is incredible! Watching her adjust for depth of cut is lovely!

Thank you for offering a great product and you have a new customer for life!


Amazon review
I love it :)

I wasn't very much into hand tools, so I bought this one to check out what was all the buz about. It turn in some sort of gateway drug because now I'm ordering more planes, chisels and saws... Be careful when installing the iron, doesn't take very much to have it setup, comes very sharp and makes beautiful shaves (for a begginer in hand tools)

Amazon review
Five Stars

No hammer? Just tap the back on concrete until it works.

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